~Everything You're Not!~

Das was du mal warst..
(Don't go changing)
Bist du schon lange nicht mehr..
(That's what you told me from the start)
Denn die Person, die du warst..
(Thought you where something different)
habe ich geschätzt..
(That's when it all just fell apart)
und bewundert..
(Like you're so perfect)
doch das was ich jetzt in dir sehe..
(And I can't measure up)
das bist nicht du..
(Well I'm not perfect)
sondern jemand, der du gerne sein willst..!
(Just all messed up)

~ You
were losing yourself to somebody else
But now I see
I don't wanna pretend
So this is the end of you and
Cause the girl that you want to be
It was tearing us apart
Cause it's everything
Everything You're not ~

10.3.08 20:46

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